Fully Managed Server/VPS Hosting

NetDynamic provides white-glove fully managed vps, dedicated and semi-dedicated fully instanced servers.
Our servers are always equipped with intel Pentium XEON cpus and solid state drives.

General Purpose Linux VPS Pricing Table

GP1 1 0.5Gig 10Gig SSD $39.00 3 -
GP2 1 1Gig 10Gig SSD $59.00 3 -
GP3 1 2Gigs 20Gig SSD $125.00 2
GP4 2 4Gigs 20Gig SSD $160.00 2
GP5 1 2Gigs 25Gig SSD $199.99 1
GP6 2 4Gigs 30Gig SSD $299.99 1
We'll be adding more packages soon! Call us for custom applications.

Bandwidth Costs

First 10 GB Per MonthFree
Up to 10 TB /month$0.090 per GB
Next 40 TB /month$0.085 per GB
Next 100 TB /month$0.070 per GB
Over 100 TB /monthContact Us

* All Servers but the very lowest include 2 hours (1 hour minimum per incident) of free hands-on technical support per month, at your request.
Premier White Glove Service - up to 5 hours server related hands-on technical service.
** The bandwidth tier refers to the priority of service. The lower the tier number the higher the priority.

NetDynamic is providing this service through our partner; Amazon EC2, Lightsail and Dedicated AWS.

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