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Keep your Goals in Mind

Being an academic institution, your efforts to educate your audience both in and outside of the classroom may begin with your website. Compelling calls to action that encourage people to navigate throughout the site and learn what your school has to offer is essential to a successful web site. You can increase awareness, enrollment, and recruitment rates by prompting visitors to “apply” or “visit” when they stop by your page. Calls to action like these help your institution grow by engaging with your audience, and inviting them to learn more about your community as they become part of it.

Know your Audience

Whether for a school, university, or educational service, your website should drive a diverse audience of teachers, students, and parents who are looking for varying types of information. It’s important to understand that you need to provide each of them with an engaging and instructional experience. A responsive design puts current and prospective members of your academic community in touch with your business no matter what device they may be using.

Interactive Experiences

Hopefully your website design serves as a fine digital representation of your institution. This allows you to visually communicate the best features your school has to offer. Incorporating interactive elements like virtual tours provides your visitors with a unique look at your campus. This gives them a clear idea of the environment where they can live and learn happily. Regardless where your school is located, people around the world can now access your campus from anywhere. Photos, Videos and other diverse multimedia options can open the doors to new students, by showcasing easily the academic opportunities you can offer them.

Branding your Content

Growing your brand online requires a combination of traditional and modern elements. Making an effort to Integrate contemporary website design features into the long-standing iconography and messaging that has always portrayed your institution develops a new identity for your school online. This allows for consistent branded messaging and imagery across all platforms, thus allowing you to fortify a community outside of the classroom. Website design elements like these will unify people from different campuses, majors, and interests under a single institution.

Popular Resources

Predicting the information that your audience is seeking can help you create organized navigation for your website design. Things like calendars that outline academic events, games, and performances are general resources that people are always looking for on education websites. Utilizing directories with contact information for advisors and professors are extremely useful as well. Prominent features on your website engages the interests of your visitors, and keeps them informed of what is going on at your school. Thereby using analytics to determine the top pages your audience visits, allows you to present more insightful quick navigation options to them.

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